Recently, China’s General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine discovered trace amount of chromium and neodymium in SK-II skin care products. Then we saw all kinds of news about the refund and the unfair waiver form etc. I don’t know anything about this brand of cosmetics. But I happened to research the amount of… Read More

Don’t know why, don’t know how… I’m suddenly interested in economics… actually that was a year ago… still, now, I’m a novice. But I’m reading economics history, which I loaned from a friend. And more importantly, I’m going to read more… Interesting enough, I’m now reading wikipedia on the internet… just type in a key… Read More

有人说,在中国相隔两年出生的人就会产生代沟,以此来形容中国变化之快。我觉得这种说法有些言过其词。可我们必须承认的是,我们并不能完全理解在改革开放轰轰烈烈进行中出生的人的心境,也不能真正体会在十年浩劫中度过童年的人的辛酸。我们并不需要羡慕前者而同情后者。一个时代有一个时代的酸甜苦辣,喜怒哀乐。 几年前,一位朋友发给我一段网络广播:出生于七十年代。其实这更适用于在七十年代末和八十年代初出生的人。在此我谨以这段广播作为引子,引出我儿时的回忆,引出具有时代烙印的琐事。… Read More

Freestyle writing, as the name indicates, means to write at will with no specific topic. The writing may also be spontaneous, which means I will make more mistakes… Please remind me if you ever find one. Thanks in advance.… Read More

September 2001, I just started my second year of Ph.D. study at Princeton University. The University sits in a quite little town 50 miles south of New York city, a town just escapes the crowd of the metropolitan, but is still convenient for a day trip. I just started my research projects, which were in… Read More

911, the number we usually call when we are in great need, is now forever tied to a date, a date that may have changed history. On 9/11/2001, four US domestic commercial airplanes were hijacked. Two hit the twin towers of world trade center, one hit the Pentagon, and the other crashed in an empty… Read More