In a recent airport security test for the screeners of Newark international airport, the screeners stopped 2 out of 22 fake weapons passing the security line… That means the remaining 20 weapons were successfully brought to airplanes… This news interests me in two folds. First, EWR is the airport I’m most familiar with. I’ve been… Read More

Can’t believe I start this topic… I’m sure I will regret it someday… just I can’t resist the temptation to write something down to "comment" the news… I borrowed the title from Jay Leno’s late show… so you can sense some irony from the title alone. well, this topic is all about "news", some are… Read More

I understand that a planed inflation can stimulate economy. The current monetary policy tries to keep the inflation low but avoids deflation. Since early 70s, paper money is not directly linked to gold or silver. What keep its value? Will paper money always worth less and less in the future, and it’s beneficial? Is it… Read More

Before Dan Brown became famous for his best seller Da Vinci Code, he wrote another bestselling mystery novel about Robert Langdon: Angels & Demons. In the novel, Landon and a beautiful lady, Vittoria, follow the "path of illumination" at the night of Papal election, trying to dig out the secrete group illuminati. The path is directed… Read More

随笔?杂谈?不,是杂论。它杂,任何题目都可以谈。但不像随笔,随手拈来,挥笔而下。它又论,论述一个观点,表达一个思想。有时它先叙后论,叙论结合。有时它有叙无论,论于读者心中。这,就是杂论。… Read More