No matter of doing what, the most important thing is implementation, the execution… I just feel that I still need more motivation, and implement, implement, implement…  with this, I’d like to cite Donald Trump in an interview with CNBC: “People have great ideas.  They havev talent and abilities. But they don’t know how to implement.… Read More

Finally, after so many years in the states, I could tell the difference of “th” and “s”. Actually, when I paid attention, I would notice people said “sank you” when they should say “thank you”. However, over the years, I was never annoyed by the mistake… But this time was different. I was quite annoyed…… Read More

Thanks Mr. Toastmaster, fellow toastmasters, and honored guests. Before I come to my topic today. Let’s have a recap of what I talked in my last speech. In my last speech, I talked about the purpose of business: “to make money”. The purpose of work is not to work. You don’t want to work “in”… Read More