I don’t usually do this, but this is so hilarious… However, it definitely shows how rigid the American law is. Seems ridiculous on the surface, but the ridiculousness is based on a sound system foundation 🙂 I’d rather have this than making exceptions…. “Due to state foreclosure laws, lenders are obligated to name and notify… Read More

President Barack Obama proposed the fiscal year budget for the next few years. One significant point in the proposal is that the mortgage interest deduction will be limited to 28 bracket. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger raised income tax, sales tax, and property tax for fiscal year 2009-2010.  Both will have BIG effect on the housing price of silicon… Read More

In yesterday’s WSJ, an article is about cotton option (future) price spike earlier in the year: In Mystery Cotton-Price Spike, Traders Hit by Swirling Forces I don’t want to go into the details. What I want to say is that besides the housing crunch, this is yet another indication of the failing market. A regularity… Read More

It’s mid-year time, and I’d like to have a mid-year review of the direction of the stock market. I made some predictions at the end of January. It seems I’m quite lucky that they are more or less in-line with what really happened. The stocks reached new lows in the middle of July, which was… Read More

The stock market is so volatile these days… and I have my own thoughts on its direction… although I know the market is unpredictable… any prediction is meant to be wrong… (and especially for an armature like me…) I just want to find a way to laugh at myself… so here is how I’m going… Read More

I understand that a planed inflation can stimulate economy. The current monetary policy tries to keep the inflation low but avoids deflation. Since early 70s, paper money is not directly linked to gold or silver. What keep its value? Will paper money always worth less and less in the future, and it’s beneficial? Is it… Read More

Don’t know why, don’t know how… I’m suddenly interested in economics… actually that was a year ago… still, now, I’m a novice. But I’m reading economics history, which I loaned from a friend. And more importantly, I’m going to read more… Interesting enough, I’m now reading wikipedia on the internet… just type in a key… Read More