I’ve been away from Princeton for almost two years… don’t know why, I still cannot leave Princeton behind me… in other words.. I still cannot fully adjust to the new environment. Princeton is so special. Some people say Princeton is oasis, Shangri-la. Some people say Princeton is very un-America. I totally agree with them. It… Read More

很久没有写博客了,主要是没有静下心来。一旦没有心思,什么也写不出来了。昨天晚上做了个梦,年初一晚上呀,说不定对整年都有什么启示呢。这个梦很有趣,就写下来吧。 梦其实很短,也很简单。就是我在梦里遇见几个老美,就随便聊起了天。聊得还挺长,可聊了什么已经忘了。人家是老美嘛,说的英语可是那个地道呀,说的又快,音调又准,用词又丰富,让我佩服得五体投地。可我说的呢?真是和他们有天壤之别,说的又不快,有时候还要想一想。正在想找各地洞钻进去,突然想到,靠,我是在做梦耶。老美说的话也是我说的,可为什么我以老美口气说话就比我以自己口气说话好很多呢?那我的英语究竟是怎样呢? 看来我潜意识里英语还可以。希望我以后说英语就像我梦里老美说的一样好。 hoho… new year wish 😉… Read More

Just watched an old movie: S.W.A.T. One of the gun scenes was at the intersection of Hollywood Blvd. and Wilcox Ave. God damn… that’s the exact place I parked my car when I visited Hollywood… No wonder it looked so familar… If it’s NYC or Princeton… I can understand.. coz those are popular places… can’t believe… Read More

Someone says this year’s campaign is the worst negative campaign ever. I’m not sure about that. However, it is for sure the worst negative campaign for me. After all, this is the only campaign I followed reasonably closely… hmm… tomorrow is the judgment day… let’s see who’s the winner, who’s the loser…… Read More

Do you think it necessary to invest on alternative fuel research? Are you willing to pay an extra 10c per gallon gas for it? Prop 87 may be the most controversial proposition in this mid-term election for Californians.… Read More

In a recent airport security test for the screeners of Newark international airport, the screeners stopped 2 out of 22 fake weapons passing the security line… That means the remaining 20 weapons were successfully brought to airplanes… This news interests me in two folds. First, EWR is the airport I’m most familiar with. I’ve been… Read More

Can’t believe I start this topic… I’m sure I will regret it someday… just I can’t resist the temptation to write something down to "comment" the news… I borrowed the title from Jay Leno’s late show… so you can sense some irony from the title alone. well, this topic is all about "news", some are… Read More

Before Dan Brown became famous for his best seller Da Vinci Code, he wrote another bestselling mystery novel about Robert Langdon: Angels & Demons. In the novel, Landon and a beautiful lady, Vittoria, follow the "path of illumination" at the night of Papal election, trying to dig out the secrete group illuminati. The path is directed… Read More