As I mentioned above, the scientific method has its limitations. It does not (and can not) reveal the secrets of the entire universe. It is only a subset (or a small subset) of all secrets that all human agree on. Science evolves over time, the theory seemly perfect now may be overthrown by a better,… Read More

Nevertheless, the scientific method works fairly well in natural science. It is, however, less effective in social science and the humanity due to two reasons. First, the research target is human itself. Each individual is unique. Experiments on one person cannot be exactly reproduced on another person, which violates the “repeat” scientific method. Furthermore, the… Read More

Atheism, the non-existence of God (Gods), has a wide variety of meanings. Here I use the word “Atheism” to refer to “strong atheism”, or “methodological naturalism”. It asserts the non-existence of supernatural beings and supports scientific methodology as the only effective way to investigate reality[1].I’m not in a position to judge whether it is right… Read More

This is the craziest series I’ve ever created. Since my childhood, I’ve been wondering the origin of the universe, the meaning of human beings. Now, I have some interesting thoughts and I want to write them down. I’m sure lots of philosophers must have had the same ideas, so my thoughts are perhaps not really… Read More

前几天老柏发给我几本科幻小说,刘慈欣写的“三体”三部曲。我在一个周末全部看完。这部小说以宇宙为背景,写了人类上亿年的未来。我尤其喜欢他对物理,计算机的未来的诠释,真是给我们这些懂一点点科学的人看的小说。 看完这三部小说后我还是蛮感怀的。想当年我也是满心追求宇宙奥秘的有为青年,探寻生存的意义。不过现在早已堕入尘世,追寻短利,心境也清明不起来了。 这两天又翻开我三四年前写的文章,觉得写得还蛮有意思的。当时是决心写完的,可写到“In Goddy We Trust”时发觉我的英语实在太烂,想表达的意思抓破头也写不出来,就停了下来。一停就停到现在,也不知能不能继续。那故事还蛮有意思的,可惜呀可惜。 不管怎么说,就把我陈年的文章拿出来晒一晒,让世人笑评吧。… Read More