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October 30, 2006

2 out of 22

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In a recent airport security test for the screeners of Newark international airport, the screeners stopped 2 out of 22 fake weapons passing the security line… That means the remaining 20 weapons were successfully brought to airplanes… This news interests me in two folds. First, EWR is the airport I’m most familiar with. I’ve been there at least 20 times… so I’m pretty connected to the airport… Secondly… it’s quite a good use of the 10 billion dollars spent in airport security after 9/11… and we have seen its effect… we can now stop two weapons, instead of zero… it is obviously a great first step.. the next thing we need to do is to spend another 100 billion so that we can catch the rest 20 weapons… hmm… I’m really looking forward to it…

October 28, 2006

In the headlines

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Can’t believe I start this topic… I’m sure I will regret it someday… just I can’t resist the temptation to write something down to "comment" the news… I borrowed the title from Jay Leno’s late show… so you can sense some irony from the title alone. well, this topic is all about "news", some are "political news". I just feel so funny where the world is going… It should actually belong to the topic "freestyle". Actually lots of issues can belong to that topic. well, seems I’m now starting more and more topics with no real follow-up contents… hmm… I should make that up…

October 13, 2006


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October 8, 2006


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– Go out.
– Find topics.
– Bull*.

October 7, 2006

Inflation, what will happen in a hundred years?

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I understand that a planed inflation can stimulate economy. The current monetary policy tries to keep the inflation low but avoids deflation. Since early 70s, paper money is not directly linked to gold or silver. What keep its value? Will paper money always worth less and less in the future, and it’s beneficial? Is it unavoidable that $100 bill in 100 years will only have the same purchase power as $50 today? That’s the destiny of market? Maybe we will see $1000, or even $5000 bills soon 😉

October 4, 2006

Angels & Demons

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Before Dan Brown became famous for his best seller Da Vinci Code, he wrote another bestselling mystery novel about Robert Langdon: Angels & Demons. In the novel, Landon and a beautiful lady, Vittoria, follow the "path of illumination" at the night of Papal election, trying to dig out the secrete group illuminati. The path is directed by the statues of angels in churches. However, a "demon" always sits beside the angel, disguising the real path. (Disclaimer: this is not a real plot of the novel. Interested people please click here for the true story.)

However, this topic is not about the novel, nor is it about religion. It’s about mortal human beings. In my opinion, like in many religions, human is the unity of angel and demon (like camerlengo?). Sometimes we are more like angles, sometimes we are not.  So, we may want to tell good from bad, right from wrong, angels from demons. However, we must also realize that the notion of "good", "right", "angel" differs from person to person. It can be best illustrated by the recent head to head "debate" between Chavez and Bush in the United Nations speeches.

This is the topic to express my feelings, about me, about you, about everyone else, in an imprecise manner.

October 3, 2006


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