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June 29, 2011

Christianity — the religion of human (V)

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In Christianity, human is special. Human is the ruler of the world. Bible is solely written for human. If we find some aliens in the future, we may not teach them Christianity (but they may have some Bible of their own). Christianity is for human, and human alone. Human only lives once. After people die, their bodies and souls disappear, but their spirits choose to go to two places, Heaven, or Hell. Since human is so important, God send the savior, Jesus, to earth, and showed people the road to salvation. The road is simple: follow Jesus, do good deeds. 

Human is special in the sense that God grant human free will. It is one of the central concepts in Christianity. It is mentioned many times in Bible and Christians use it to explain a lot of phenomena. Yes, God choose to grant human free will at all time. Or, in other words, God can influence human’s will through other means, but God cannot intervene human’s own will directly. Here I use “can not” instead of “do not” because they mean the same to me. I know in English, they have very different meanings. The former imply that God do not have the ability to do it, but the latter merely infer that God choose not to do so. However, I choose the former based on “razor” principle. The two descriptions describe the same way God influence us, but the latter description introduces more assumptions.
This is obviously unacceptable for Christians. How can the all mighty God not be able to do something? The best answer I got was that God is perfect, God do not need to influence human’s free will, not very convincing to me. This example is not to question the all mighty God. I use this example only to illustrate the fact that God make a lot of decisions as He influence the world. When He make some choices, He shut the door to some other choices at the same time.

To me, Christianity is like a piece of bread, with a nut residing inside, which is the same nut in the previous chapter. We can verify everything inside the nut using scientific methods. But as for the rest of the bread, only people accepting Christian assumptions can see it. Other people can only see void… The piece of bread, however, has a boundary. The boundary is the assumption Christians make: There exists an almighty benevolent God. What’s outside the boundary? It is the realm of God. Human cannot perceive in his limited mind. Is there a bread or not? Is there a boundary or not? Nobody knows. 

It goes back to belief. After all, Christianity is a religion, a religion of human.

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