OMG…….. I was soooooooo pissed…. the hosting company hided a virus to my website… I could not believe it… The website behaved abnormally for a while…. sometimes when I was in the back office, I could not click some buttons…. once I clicked them, I was brought to a spamware website and started downloading virus… Read More

I feel sooooooooo bad these days… seems my hotmail was hacked and password stolen… and even worse… the hacker sent a spam to EVERY contact I have… that’s a LOT of people!!! Even more worse… they sent it TWICE…. I’m sooooo sorry for my friends and contacts… my apologies…  I don’t usually use IE to… Read More

Finally, after so many years in the states, I could tell the difference of “th” and “s”. Actually, when I paid attention, I would notice people said “sank you” when they should say “thank you”. However, over the years, I was never annoyed by the mistake… But this time was different. I was quite annoyed…… Read More

Here is part of an email I sent to a personal trainer, who may have more insights.   I actually did some research on nutritions myself, and my general feel is that we can’t really believe the supposedly “brand name” products from the department stores. I saw many multi-vitamin products contain Calcium, Iron, Zinc together. It… Read More

A friend forwarded to me… maybe useful… ————————————————————— My name is Doug Copp. I am the Rescue Chief and Disaster Manager of the American Rescue Team International (ARTI), the world\\\’s most experienced rescue team. The information in this article will save lives in an earthquake. 我的名字叫Doug Copp。我是世界上最有经验的救援小组—美国国际救援小组(ARTI)的首席救援者,也是灾难部的经理。本文中以下信息能在地震中挽救生命。 I have crawled inside 875 collapsed buildings, worked… Read More

中国今年真是多灾多难。想起年初的时候参加了一个易经的讲座,那位算命先生就说中国今年小灾不断。想起大灾小说的传统,也算应验了吧。。。 当时他还作了以下预测: 今夏高温,南方瘟疫横行。—– 过两个月再看吧。 北方干旱? —- 记不清了。。。 西北可能会有动乱,中央政府平乱。 —– 好像是西南吧。。。不过也可能没到。。。 国际关系紧张。 —– 有没有? 希拉里民主党选举后劲足。 —– 好像玄了吧。。。不过他也只说是感觉,不是算出来的。。。 其他的就记不住了。。。好像忠告是六月七月不要在中国旅行,特别是去南方。。。 hmm。。。听其言观其行吧。。。 bless China….… Read More

想来想去,这篇文章还是用中文写吧。。。 刚才和一位朋友聊天,他说到又发现一个中国学校网站抄袭普林斯顿网站的设计。这次是上海大学悉尼工商学院。 朋友已经给那网站发信,希望他们能够亡羊补牢。。。想两年前就有中国网站抄袭普林斯顿的设计,那次是人民大学哲学系。。。 当时还闹得挺大,上了Daily Princetonian。。。真是丢脸呀。。。也不知这些学校为什么用黑色和橙色,也不是他们的颜色。。。现在Princeton的主页又重新设计了。。。不过前几年去过Princeton的人都会一眼看出那设计是Princeton的。。。当时的设计是: 注:我后两张图片是取自Daily Princetonian的。。。… Read More

“The Secret“,is a movie, is a book. It is the #1 bestseller in New York Times. Recently, I heard it over, and over, and over again. Out of curiosity, I checked out what it was. The book is about the law of attraction. In a sentence, the book describes the phenomenon of “you get what… Read More

Preamble: wrote this article a while ago… so it is not “news” any more… Google just launched its googlepedia to compete with wikipedia… what is googlepedia? It is just like wikipedia with several notable differences: 1st, article authors are identified; 2nd, articles cannot be modified by others; 3rd, authors may make money out of their… Read More

Some time ago, I made a connection at Los Angeles airport, having only two hours to catch the next flight with another airline at this foreign airport… Even though I checked the floor plan in advance, I felt quite nervous. Fortunately, my plane arrived on time.. so I rushed out of terminal 4 with my… Read More