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September 29, 2008

Be healthy, and understand the reason

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Here is part of an email I sent to a personal trainer, who may have more insights.  

I actually did some research on nutritions myself, and my general feel is that we can’t really believe the supposedly “brand name” products from the department stores. I saw many multi-vitamin products contain Calcium, Iron, Zinc together. It looks nice to have more minerals in one tablet, but few people know that’s a marketing trick. They don’t sell what’s good for people, they sell what’s good for money. Remember the objective of business is to make money?

Well you get what you are paid for…. isn’t it true?

As for the WHO report, you can find it here: http://feisun.org/MA/WHO_Research/

More specifically, in Chapter 1, page 6, second paragraph, you will find an example to illustrate vegetarian sub-population may have iron deficiency. The figure is in page 7 (figure 1.2)

In chapter 13, page 250 (page 5 in the pdf file), you will find heam iron can be found in most meat, while non-heam iron exists in vegetables. The absorption rate of heam iron is generally higher than non-heam iron. meat is also an enhancer of non-heam iron absorption. while Phytates, often found in vegetables are inhibitors of iron. Also, in page 269 (page 24 in the pdf file), you will find the bioavailability of iron from meat is much higher than from vegetables.

So, my question is, are you worried about your iron intake level?

My other question is about Calcium on Iron and Zinc. Calcium is an inhibitor of Zinc, Chapter 12, page 237 (page 8 in pdf file), and Iron, Chapter 13, page 253 (page 8 in pdf file). Why many supplements contain both Calcium, Iron, and Zinc? Is it an oversight or something?

I trust WHO report because it is composed by a number of experts from different countries. I don’t see how they can be sponsored by certain group of interests.

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