Thanks Mr. Toastmaster, fellow toastmasters, and honored guests. Today, I’m going to tell you a story. As I tell you the story, think about it. Why I tell you the story. Richard and Mary are neighbors. Every morning, a newspaper boy delivers newspapers to Mary’s house. Every morning, Mary has to read newspapers. Mary is… Read More

Thanks Mr. Toastmaster, fellow toastmasters, and honored guests. Before I come to my topic today. Let’s have a recap of what I talked in my last speech. In my last speech, I talked about the purpose of business: “to make money”. The purpose of work is not to work. You don’t want to work “in”… Read More

Thanks, Mr. Toastmaster. Fellow toastmasters, and honored guests. What is business? If you ask this question to a hundred people, you will get a hundred different answers. To me, business means three words, “to. make. money”. Business is providing a service or product “for a fee”. Business is not non-profit. It is for profit. If… Read More

In a toastmaster meeting a few days ago, the table topic master asked the following question: do you believe in falling in love at first sight? A toastmaster veteran gave a very interesting impromptu speech. Here I just try to remember it as precise as possible… Love is a four letter word: l, o, v, e,… Read More

Disclaimer: This speech is solely for the fun of toast master international speech. The stories may not be historically accurate, nor is impartial. Please listen with discretion. Thanks Mr. Toast Master… Fellow Toast Masters, and honored guests. Today, I want to talk about Princeton University in the independence war. When we talk about a war,… Read More

I was quite worried about my toast master speeches… worrying about the speech topics… but today, I suddenly realized I could easily find a lot to talk about… and they could form a series… the topic is… Princeton… I have a lot to say about Princeton.. originally I only thought about three speeches: Princeton, a… Read More

It seems that I was pretty lucky in the past months… at least in some aspects… The toastmaster club sometimes has a raffle prize at the end of the club meetings… and I was always the winner 😉 the first prize was a $5 cookie gift certificate… not quite interested… it’s still lying on my… Read More

Thanks Mr. Toast Master. Hello everyone. Today my speech’s topic is "What do you need to know to know me?" So, what should I tell you so that you can know more of me? My past experience? Can my past experience tell you what I’m going to do in the future? No, right? I’ve been… Read More

For some while I’ve been wondering how to improve my spoken English, public speeches… and a lot more things… Since I started my job two years ago, I bearly spoke English… what kind of job is this! working environment is no good place for this.. it’s as simple as that… well, looks like I have… Read More