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June 10, 2007

Toast Master…

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For some while I’ve been wondering how to improve my spoken English, public speeches… and a lot more things… Since I started my job two years ago, I bearly spoke English… what kind of job is this! working environment is no good place for this.. it’s as simple as that…

well, looks like I have found a way… at least for something… that is the toast master club… I happened to know it a couple of months ago and it’s really a great club… obviously, you need to find the right one… so do some shopping before committing to any of them… well, I shopped for over a month… (typical me) and finally decided on one of them…  hmm… my only concern now is that the club has 12 new members in the past two months…  and counting… plus… two senior memmbers dropped out recently 🙁 all these happened after my decision…

I just had my first ice breaker speech… will post it here shortly… hopefully I can get 10 speeches done in the next year… let m know if you have any interesting topics… 😉

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