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June 5, 2007

True or false

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In the all hands today, I was asked to give three statements about my past, two false and one true… Below are my statements… guess which one is true?

1. In China, athletes are trained at very young age. When I was at elementary school, I was trained to be a table tennis player at prefecture level for a couple of years. Then I lost interest in it and became a member of the school’s track and field’s team, mainly focusing on high jumps. I was still a high jumper in part of my junior high, then I completely discontinued it in my senior high. Now I don’t do much of any sport.

2. In China, there are a lot of students in the same class. Because we have a lot of people, the competition to get good grades in the class is intense. Unlike United States, we know our relative position in the class, like top 10%, top 20%, bottom 30% etc. So, the statement is: I have never been in the bottom 50% since my first grade.

3. In my junior high and senior high, that is from seventh grade to twelves grade, we have a few kind of important subjects. Some other subjects are less important. For example, Chinese, English, maths, physics, chemistry, and politics are more important than subjects like history and geography.  For some of those more important subjects, there are some contests. They are actually step by step contests to select people for the international olympics of maths, physics, chemistry etc. I liked physics a lot. I spent a lot of time studying physics for the contests. However, I did not receive any major prize in physics contests, both in my junior high and senior high. In contrast, I started chemistry quite late. I only spent a little bit of time on chemistry, and surprisingly got better prizes, also both in my junior high and senior high. However, after I got into college, I did not take a single course on chemistry.

Which one is true?


  1. 3, I guess.

    Comment by reel — June 6, 2007 @ 1:53 pm

  2. maybe 3

    Comment by saying — June 6, 2007 @ 12:11 am

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