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October 8, 2007

Blue Angels! Blue Angels!

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Today, Oct. 7th, is the annual Blue Angels flight demonstration show at San Francisco. WOW! That’s the only word I can describe it. It is my first time watching a flight demonstration, live, ever… Plus, I did not watch it at any of the piers, where tons of people must have packed every inch of space. I watched it in a private yacht specially for Princeton Alumni. That, gave me a perfect view of the entire show. It’s well worth the $$$… I have to admit, however, that most of the alumni were undergraduate alumns… I searched the entire yacht back and forth, and could only find one graduate alumun…. who got his master degree in 1984… well… it is still a world of undergraduate alumns….

The yacht was a pretty, three-storey yacht… free finger food and drinks were served at the second and third floor… half of the third floor was open so it’s perfect to view the flights. The yacht stopped at a place with equal distance to the golden gate bridge and the bay bridge… it was exactly the place where the jets would flew over in short distance… at first, we stopped exactly under the flight route…. and the planes flew over us in like a hundred feet…. becuse the jets were supersonic… we could not hear anything when they approached us… and then suddently found them just overhead… with thunder like ground-breaking noise… it. was. scary. so we backed up a little bit… and I personally felt a lot safer… who knows what would happen.. after all.. it is a really risky demonstration…

I took a LOT of pictures during the show… actually I used up all my 1G memory for my camera… and I shot over 500 pictures… you can find some of my selected pictures blow… They show how close we were to the jets… jumbo fligts…  the words painted under the jet wings could be seen with ease… and even the pilots were very clear in the pictures…

Below are some continues shots I took for a series of flight demonstration… a heart pieced by Cupid’s arrow… jets flew UNDER the golden gate bridge… and a LOT more!

At last… show two pictures of jets flying up-side-down…

oh… I love Blue Angels… I love Princeton…. I will defintely come again next year!!!!

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