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September 13, 2008

Pitching 101: How to present your plan effectively to VCs?

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I went to a seminar a few days ago, which was quite interesting. Here I just scramble some notes….

  • Entrepreneur: do whatever it takes to make things happen. 
  • A fundable start-up: $75-100 million return in early stages (3-4 years). 
  • VC receive 500-800 plans, 50-100 get one hour meeting, 20 are interested, 5 are very interested, 1 gets funded.
  • Receive 100 plans/week, 100 meetings/year, eliminate 90% of them. 
  • VC pitch: 15-20 minutes, questions afterwords
  • PPT 10-15 slides, look at VC when pitching
  • Know each person in the meeting
  • Emphasize strong record, confident. Don’t bring whole team, may bring lawyer. 
  • PPT minimal text, rehearse. Titles tell the story. 

Sample PPT:

  1. One-liner (to which VC)
  2. Market
  3. Problem
  4. Solution
  5. Team
  6. Technology
  7. Customers
  8. Per customer economics
  9. Go to market strategy
  10. Milestone
  11. Financials (ask for money, why this amount, how to spend it)
  12. Competition
  13. Financing history
  14. Why this VC

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