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July 16, 2009

Lean Startup

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www.mixergy.com is a nice website. The founder interviews a lot of successful entrepreneurs, and the interviews are very enlightening. I will post some interesting interviews in the future.

I listened to the interview with Eric Ries, on the lean startup concept. Eric explained the pros and cons of stealth mode, the separation of customer launch and market launch, and how to test assumptions using customers’ feedback.

Eric learned market testing the hard way from his startup IMVU. How he and his team developed a technology brilliant 3D avatar plugin of IM, but failed to attract any customers. How he learned the lessen that his basic assumption was totally wrong. He then scratched months of hard work and started all over again, turned the company 180 degrees, launched a new IM with 3D avatars and achieved great success.

Here is the interview: http://mixergy.com/ries-lean/

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