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March 19, 2011

Christianity — the religion of human (IV)

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First, I’d say God want to create an intricate, self-sustained world. God will not create a broken world that require His every attention. This, is the assumption I make. (If you think the world is broken, you don’t need to read any further.) In a self-sustained world, the method to “evolve” from the most primitive living cell to the most complex human exists. However, the method exists does not mean God did not create all the living beings. The key is time. 

We say the existence of high intelligent beings on earth is a low probability event. We don’t know how low the probability is because we don’t know how large the whole set is. However, by searching neighboring planets and stars, it seems the probability is low. The evolution from one family to another family who fits the environment better is also a small probability event. The probability may be so small that each step in the evolution takes millions or billions of years following the conventional evolution mechanism. God, on the other hand, may have His own schedule. He may not be willing to wait for billions of years to see the evolution outcome. Thus, God periodically injects some minute perturbation to the world, which make small probability events become large probability events, following His discretion. If you believe the evolution process takes too long (some consider several evolution steps take too long), you can use the same argument to explain the long evolution process. 

Thus, the evolution theory and creation theory can be united. From science side, different families of animals are indeed evolved because each family of animals is only slightly different from the family it is evolved from. On the other hand, without God’s injection, we may not see such a fast (or slow) evolution, or we may not see an evolution following the current direction. In this sense, species are “created”.

Now the question becomes: how does God inject the perturbation. If the injection is too abrupt and at a large scale, it may undermine the intricacy of the world. I think the injection is in a very small scale, so small that the modern physics cannot detect the turbulence of the injection. And the nature provide a perfect means for such injections. It is at the atomic level. Remember in the previous chapter I mentioned that quantum mechanics, which is the theory to describe subatomic particle behaviors, only provide data of statistical importance? God may well change the probability of a sequence of events at subatomic level, making possible an evolution with extreme low probability (or reverse). 

Now, the controversy between creation and evolution are mitigated.

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