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July 16, 2009

Lean Startup

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www.mixergy.com is a nice website. The founder interviews a lot of successful entrepreneurs, and the interviews are very enlightening. I will post some interesting interviews in the future.

I listened to the interview with Eric Ries, on the lean startup concept. Eric explained the pros and cons of stealth mode, the separation of customer launch and market launch, and how to test assumptions using customers’ feedback.

Eric learned market testing the hard way from his startup IMVU. How he and his team developed a technology brilliant 3D avatar plugin of IM, but failed to attract any customers. How he learned the lessen that his basic assumption was totally wrong. He then scratched months of hard work and started all over again, turned the company 180 degrees, launched a new IM with 3D avatars and achieved great success.

Here is the interview: http://mixergy.com/ries-lean/

July 12, 2009


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By Darren Hester

By Darren Hester







July 11, 2009

Wells Fargo Sues Wells Fargo, Wells Fargo Denies Allegations

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Court RoomI don’t usually do this, but this is so hilarious…

However, it definitely shows how rigid the American law is. Seems ridiculous on the surface, but the ridiculousness is based on a sound system foundation 🙂 I’d rather have this than making exceptions….

“Due to state foreclosure laws, lenders are obligated to name and notify subordinate lien holders,” said Wells Fargo spokesman Kevin Waetke.

Here is the link: http://www.foxbusiness.com/story/markets/al-lewis-wells-fargo-bank-sues/

June 18, 2009

Why People Follow?

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Read the book “Strengths Based Leadership” recently. I don’t specifically like the book. Most of the contests are not new. Here I just want to mention one interesting observation from the authors fo the book.

It’s about how to be a good leader. To find out the answer, the authors did not interview the successful leaders and find out their common characteristics. Instead, the authors did a survey on the followers. The followers were asked two questions:

  • What leader has the most positive influence in your daily life?
  • Now please list three words that best describe what this person contributes to your life.

Guess what the followers wrote? I would have guessed different people would write dramatically different words. but I was wrong. Followers seem to have a very clear picture of what they want and need from the leaders. Most people write the same or similar words.

The most commonly mentioned words are:

  • Trust
  • Compassion
  • Stability
  • Hope

hmm.. it’s indeed very surprising. What can I learn from this discovery?

April 2, 2009

Tim Ferrisss Blog

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Like his blog… try it out: http://www.fourhourworkweek.com/blog/

Better subscribe his newsletter.. 🙂 I really learned a lot from reading the threads…

Try this:

Tim and Kevin from Glenn McElhose on Vimeo.

March 18, 2009


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Newspaper Thief
Thanks Mr. Toastmaster, fellow toastmasters, and honored guests. Today, I’m going to tell you a story. As I tell you the story, think about it. Why I tell you the story.

Richard and Mary are neighbors. Every morning, a newspaper boy delivers newspapers to Mary’s house. Every morning, Mary has to read newspapers. Mary is DYING to read newspapers. She cannot skip reading newspapers.

One day, Mary went out to pick up the newspaper. But the newspaper was not on the ground, the lovely blue bag was NOT on the ground!!! Where is it? Where is it? Mary looked around… huh…. Richard… Richard was sitting on a couch in his yard reading a newspaper. It was exactly the same newspaper Mary was subscribed to. But he NEVER sits on that couch, and he NEVER reads newspapers…. Mary was furious. It must be Richard who took my newspaper. He is a thief!!!! But will Mary go to Richard and ask for the newspaper. No, Richard must deny it. He must say it’s all the newspaper boy’s fault.

But will Mary just stop here. NO. Richard needed to pay the price for being a thief. Because Mary was a real good web designer. She immediately went back to her house, spent 10 bucks to register a domain called www.newspaperthief.com. Spent 10 minutes to set up a website. It has Richard’s name, home address, weight, height…. all kinds of information about him. and he is a NEWSPAPER THIEF!!!! Mary wants everyone in the world to know, Richard is a thief.

But did Richard know that his name was on the internet? Did Richard know he’s a newspaperthief? No, he didn’t do a thing. He just sat in the coach reading newspapers.

Richard’s other neighbor, Scott, was in bad shape, he desperately needed to sell his house. He was a motivated seller. Fortunately, he found a buyer, Alice. They were already in contract stage. Alice had checked the house, it was good. Now just waiting for Alice to sign the contract. On that day, Alice decided to do a check on the neighbors, so she typed in the address on google. Because Mary just put up the website out there, it was one the the top few items returned by google. Alice looked at the address, it was the exactly next door. She clicked the website, and found everything about Richard. And he was a newspaper THIEF! OMG, Alice was going to have a thief neighbor! No way, Alice immediately tore down the contract, and cancelled the purchase. So what happened? Alice lost a great deal, Scott was even more desperate to sell his house, Richard lost a nice neighbor. And he didn’t even know ANY of those!

In the afternoon, Mary went out to the front yard again, and this time she noticed something, She saw a tip of a blue bag in the garden. oops, that’s a newspaper. Richard was not a thief. Mary was wrong. But Mary thought, I just spent 10 bucks on the website, let’s just put it up for a while. It doesn’t hurt… So the website still lives on.

After a couple of days, Richard was doing a multi-million dollar business deal with his first time partner, Bob. Because a lot of money was involved, Bob decided to do a background check. So he put Richard’s name in google. What did he get? It’s newspaperthief.com. Bob was stunned. He never expected Richard to be a thief. But Bob will never do a deal with anyone without integrity. Bob backed out from the deal, and Richard lost millions.

All those things happened behind the scene. Did Richard know any of these? No, he didn’t know. he didn’t do anything. He just sat in his coach reading newspapers.

Do you get anything from this story? Do you get why I tell you this story? Think about it. There are always different kinds people spreading different kinds of information in the internet. You can’t believe them all. Use your due diligence. Remember, whatever you are looking for, you will find it. It is very true both on internet, and in the real world.

Time: 06’07”

February 27, 2009

Housing price forecast

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By Michel Filion

By Michel Filion

President Barack Obama proposed the fiscal year budget for the next few years. One significant point in the proposal is that the mortgage interest deduction will be limited to 28 bracket. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger raised income tax, sales tax, and property tax for fiscal year 2009-2010.  Both will have BIG effect on the housing price of silicon valley. 

I forecast that the price of condominiums and low priced single family homes will continue drop for the next few months, but the price will reach bottom before the end of the year. (Hopefully the economy will rebound as well). 

However, the high priced homes will find it tough to regain ground. Their prices will lag, mostly due to the limitation of mortgage interest deduction (if the proposal passes), and tThe tax increase in both federal and state level. The affluent will suffer financially during the Obama term and the housing market will be down for quite some time. 

As for 4-plex, 8-plex, and apartment complexes, it becomes tough to find renters with decent rent.  One is that the huge lay-offs now make a large population moving out of California. The rising income tax and sales tax does the same. Basically, fewer people will be in California. The relatively cheap housing price will draw a portion of people with steady jobs buying houses instead of renting. 

I will see how correct/wrong I am….

February 17, 2009

Rich Dad Seminar….

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I love Robert Kiyosaki. It’s a seminar a year ago… and I agree them.. totoally… 





February 16, 2009


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H1N1 Virus

OMG…….. I was soooooooo pissed…. the hosting company hided a virus to my website… I could not believe it… The website behaved abnormally for a while…. sometimes when I was in the back office, I could not click some buttons…. once I clicked them, I was brought to a spamware website and started downloading virus to my computer…. thanks for my McAfee, it was blocked…. and some friends complained that google/microsoft blocked my website because it contained virus…!!!!!!!!!

It drove me crazy!!!!!!! What a hosting place…. 

Anyways… it’s clean now… hope nobody is really affected by the virus… 

Sorry for everybody.

Think the bright side… cheers…

January 19, 2009


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Xuning Chen



大学毕业后我去了普林斯顿大学电子工程系计算机工程专业读博士。一年后,她也来到相同的大学,读相同的专业。那时候普林斯顿CE有三名微电子的学生,95的王维东,96的我,和97的陈旭宁。那时候王维东经常带我们去New Brunswick的美东买菜,有时也请我们去他家吃饭。

研二时我突然突发奇想去竞选ACSS主席。陈旭宁投票时就遇到了很大的难题,一位竞选者是她同级好友,另一位不速之客就是她的师兄我。她想来想去还是投给了我。没想到她这一票就改变了选举的结果。记得她得知结果后在equad门口碰见我,用她特有的语调说:“哎呀,要早知道这样就不选你了,这让我怎么交代呀。”话虽这么说,她还是挺支持我的工作的,在我的board里做体育部长。为当时的中国学生做了很多事。当时我做的第一件事是接新生,那是陈旭宁陪着我先坐NJ Transit,再坐地铁,机场 大巴,去JFK机场。所以有些人来美国见到的第一个中国人就是陈旭宁。我在ACSS做的最后一件事是去纽约欢送纽约领事馆总领事回国,也是陈旭宁陪着我去的。这中间的中秋晚会,春节晚会,以及其他很多活动,她都做出了很多贡献。作为体育部长,她在秋季组织了台球比赛,自己拿了第一名;春季组织了羽毛球比赛,自己双打也拿了名次。这让我怀疑她是不是有些以权谋私,但她一切都做得很公开,公正。






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