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June 25, 2007

Lucky me… or really…

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It seems that I was pretty lucky in the past months… at least in some aspects… The toastmaster club sometimes has a raffle prize at the end of the club meetings… and I was always the winner 😉 the first prize was a $5 cookie gift certificate… not quite interested… it’s still lying on my desk… the second prize was 1000 piece puzzle… maybe I will try it one day… box unopened… then in the third week… the prize was another little puzzle from Alaska… I was actually pretty interested in that… but was too embarrassed to leave others no chance… so I declined it and gave it to another lucky guy… well, then I skipped a few weeks… last week when I showed up again, I got a $10 gift certificate from coco’s… no idea what kind of restaurant it is… but doesn’t hurt to try it out…

considering we have about 15 names in the raffle… my chance of getting four consecutive wins is… one out of fifty thousand.. wow… maybe I should try mega six… hmm… maybe not… I knew and I know that I don’t have any of that kind of luck… plus.. I don’t really want to do gamble…

I just wish my luck can expand to other areas… like the area I really care about… fingers crossed…

June 12, 2007

What do you need to know to know me?

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Thanks Mr. Toast Master. Hello everyone. Today my speech’s topic is "What do you need to know to know me?" So, what should I tell you so that you can know more of me? My past experience? Can my past experience tell you what I’m going to do in the future? No, right? I’ve been to elementary school, high school, collage, but I’m not going there again. However, I do agree that deep under the surface, there are some connections between the things I did in the past and the things I might do in the future. As far as I can tell, it is called, personality. There is a Chinese saying that it’s easier to conquer a land than changing a person. That’s literal translation. It means it’s very very hard to change a person’s personality. So, if you want to know me, you’d better know my personality.

And actually, it is very easy to know my personality. You only need to know one thing from me. What is it? That is the date I was born. Don’t you know that a person’s personality is determined on the date he’s born? Okay, now I tell you my birthday and you should know all about me. I was born in the middle of May. So, now… if you haven’t skipped your elementary school… you should know exactly what to do… You only need to, go back home, open an astrology book, and turn to page… what sign is it if I’m born in the middle of May? Yes, it’s Taurus. And read from the first line. It’s not extremely accurate, but it’s a pretty good approximation.

The first thing for a Taurus is… it thinks really slow, really really slow… that’s is actually why I can’t think of anything in table topics… Let me show you how slow my thinking is… one, plus one, is…. is two… are you all Tauruses? you think slower than I do… (see, you all know the answer, this is my usual thinking speed)…

The second thing for a Taurus is… it is very stubborn, very inflexible. Once I make up my mind, nothing can change me, and I don’t consider any other options. Because I’m stubborn, and I always do things super slow.. I usually refuse to accept new things. I always prefer things as it is… And I always do things half a step slower than others. I’d like to go extremes, from one extreme, to the other.

I remember, when I was in elementary school, an animated TV series was very popular, and I bet you are very familiar it.It’s going to be shown in movie on July 4th. It’s called, the transformers. At that time, every kid in the school talked about it, was excited about it… except me. I did not watch a single episode for at least an entire year. Some little shops outside the school sell some little cards about transformers. On one side of the card is a picture of a transformer, on the other side is some description of that transformer… Everyone liked it, bought the cards, played games with the cards… except me… I did not show any interest in it for a long long time.. Then suddenly.. I changed… That is still a mystery to me. I still don’t know how and why I changed, but I just changed. I suddenly showed extreme enthusiasm for transformer cards. I bought all the cards I could find in the shops. I remembered the pictures and I read the descriptions… Soon I became a transformer expert. I knew all the stories about transformers, solely from the cards… because at that time, it was no longer shown in TV. I talked to my friends about the stories, and they really admired my knowledge… but they didn’t really care either. Since it was not shown in TV, they were chasing something else… So, I was always, always half a step slower. Actually the same thing happened again in my junior high… it was a Japanese animated TV series called "Saint Seiya".

I don’t like my personality. I don’t want to be stubborn, I don’t want to be slow… I want to be flexible, I want to be super duper fast… I always want to change it… My first try was when I was at age 10, when I first knew from astrology that it was born in my blood… and now ten twenty years later, I’ve already lost count how many times I tried it… it’s just like people want to quit smoking… and obviously, as you can see, I was not quite successful…

btw, do you know stubborn has a synonym. it is called loyal.. did I just tell you that I wanted to be less loyal?

Mr. Toast Master…

Time: 5 minutes 37 seconds
Date: 06/06/2007

June 10, 2007

Toast Master…

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For some while I’ve been wondering how to improve my spoken English, public speeches… and a lot more things… Since I started my job two years ago, I bearly spoke English… what kind of job is this! working environment is no good place for this.. it’s as simple as that…

well, looks like I have found a way… at least for something… that is the toast master club… I happened to know it a couple of months ago and it’s really a great club… obviously, you need to find the right one… so do some shopping before committing to any of them… well, I shopped for over a month… (typical me) and finally decided on one of them…  hmm… my only concern now is that the club has 12 new members in the past two months…  and counting… plus… two senior memmbers dropped out recently 🙁 all these happened after my decision…

I just had my first ice breaker speech… will post it here shortly… hopefully I can get 10 speeches done in the next year… let m know if you have any interesting topics… 😉

June 5, 2007

True or false

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In the all hands today, I was asked to give three statements about my past, two false and one true… Below are my statements… guess which one is true?

1. In China, athletes are trained at very young age. When I was at elementary school, I was trained to be a table tennis player at prefecture level for a couple of years. Then I lost interest in it and became a member of the school’s track and field’s team, mainly focusing on high jumps. I was still a high jumper in part of my junior high, then I completely discontinued it in my senior high. Now I don’t do much of any sport.

2. In China, there are a lot of students in the same class. Because we have a lot of people, the competition to get good grades in the class is intense. Unlike United States, we know our relative position in the class, like top 10%, top 20%, bottom 30% etc. So, the statement is: I have never been in the bottom 50% since my first grade.

3. In my junior high and senior high, that is from seventh grade to twelves grade, we have a few kind of important subjects. Some other subjects are less important. For example, Chinese, English, maths, physics, chemistry, and politics are more important than subjects like history and geography.  For some of those more important subjects, there are some contests. They are actually step by step contests to select people for the international olympics of maths, physics, chemistry etc. I liked physics a lot. I spent a lot of time studying physics for the contests. However, I did not receive any major prize in physics contests, both in my junior high and senior high. In contrast, I started chemistry quite late. I only spent a little bit of time on chemistry, and surprisingly got better prizes, also both in my junior high and senior high. However, after I got into college, I did not take a single course on chemistry.

Which one is true?

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